I have troubles!

Are you in trouble or had an accident? TRAGE-MA helps you! Install app and you can look for a towing truck instantly and you can safety pay.

Do you have a truck and want to find more clients? We bring near you clients which needs your services. Install app and begin to tow!


App is easy to use

Using process is so easy, in just five steps, towing trucks will come to you.


We designed an intuitive interface for your confort and app to be easy to use. Monocromatic elements will make you to focus on what matters.


Payment systems, problem descriptions have been designed in such a way as to make the road easier platforms up to you.

Constant cash earning

We created a competitive financial system for companies and for clients. Earnings will be allways transparent and constant.

Safe to use

Our payment system is secured, every transaction is encrypted, personal data are storage in a safe way and we guarantee their safety

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How does app works?

Register in app

Registration process, for towing truck and for client is easy and efficient. Enter requested data, telephone number and receive a SMS with register confirmation.

Add car

Ad your cars in app's garage.

See towing requests

See towing requests in real time as driver of towing truck and you can bid to help how much clients as possible.

Post towing request

As client you are able to post a towing request which will be seen by all towing trucks drivers from your area, this way you receive help instantly.

Designed special for you!

Even you are a big towing company with 30-100 towing trucks, or a single towing truck, our app is designed special for towing companies of all sizes.

For clients we thinked a fast system to be able to request help of towing trucks drivers.

Download now and be part of our community!

Enter in our community and you can have access to premium services, traffic help anywhere and anytime through companies registered in our app.