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Trage-Mă pursues the future of roadside assistance services.

TRG COIN is a deflationist coin

TRG COIN is a deflationist coin, which grants rewards to its holders. For a coin, being deflationist means that the total market offer is continuously decreasing. Consequently, as the liquidity and the price per coin goes up, due to the fact that the coin quantity is decreasing, the price per coin will be continuously rising. This deflationist model was adopted due to its advantages related to the inflation process. Inflation represents a general price increase and a decrease of the purchasing power of a coin.


We created an intuitive design to make you feel comfortable and use the application as easily as possible. Monochrome elements will make it easier to focus on what really matters.


Payment systems, problem descriptions have been designed in such a way as to make it easier for the platforms to reach you.

Constant income

We have created an advantageous financial system for both towing companies and customers. Revenues will always be transparent and constant thanks to loyal customers.


Designed especially for you

Whether you are a company with 30-100 towing platforms or you have a single platform, our application is specially designed for towing companies of all sizes.

For customer users we have thought of a quick and easy system through which they can ask for the help of trailers with which to communicate in real time through the application.

To change a single record, verification and approval of an entire chain of encrypted records is required. This makes fraud virtually impossible. Another information security advantage is that the information is distributed at the network level and not on a single server. This makes it impossible to intercept or steal data. Compared to previous technologies, costs are significantly reduced, due to more efficient operation and programming.

Smartchain is an independent Blockchain. It takes the form of a multifunctional ecosystem, which revolutionizes the concept of blockchain using collaborative artificial intelligence to eliminate gaps in effective management and implementation.
The popularity of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is due to the facilities which it offers. This ecosystem has wallet, market trading, infrastructure to create its own currencies and security increased. From this point of view, the TRG COIN currency operates within this ecosystem and benefit from all its facilities

Digital assets are digital properties. These are buy from specialty markets. Currently, digital assets they are mostly represented by cryptocurrencies and NFTs. They have the advantage of increasing considerably in value over a period of time short, due to their connection to the IT world, which manifests the fastest industrial development.
From this point of view, many investors are attracted to this potential of digital assets and decide to invest in them. Digital assets can come in the form of digital currency or content intellectual. They benefit from the security and technology infrastructure Blockchain, in whose ecosystem it operates.

The usefulness of this coin comes from the adoption by the community And by other companies. At the same time, the TRG COIN currency is an Asset digital that offers active interest to its holders. These units are in the early stages of the project, however, along the way, the currency will also Acquire additional utilities.
The TRG COIN project is a transparent one, where contracts and Wallet addresses can be verified via BSCscan, and all the activity takes place under the eyes of the community.

Due to the approach that our project has on addressing contemporary social issues, community development Trage-ma and enhance strategic partnerships, we believe this project has a real potential for success. Administrative team, management, counselors and third parties to the project are professionals with various specializations brought together to develop this project together. Profile of activities that TRG COIN it is vast and has no limitations.
This means that TRG COIN is flexible and can evolve according to the needs of society and economic trends. At the same time, the TRG COIN project aims to become an umbrella ecosystem, bringing together a multitude of organizations. Therefore, the project expansion plan envisages the integration and a other companies under the auspices of TRG COIN.

$TRG Coin


The blockchain is a database, respectively a register which stores which user data, such as operations that take place between users. As the name implies, the blockchain is made up of a string of digital blocks with a unique identity called a hash. Within this chain, each block contains information about the hash of the previous block, up to the original block of the string. A blockchain is an open register, which means that it can be accessed by any user, globally, with a computer and an internet connection. The moment it performs an operation, the computer receives a copy of the registry.
This means that the blockchain is controlled not by a single central entity, but by many users around the world. They record any changes made to the system.

Contract Address: 0xd63f0d41e643dd5078920f1328b93ee88fb0a35b

Original Supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000

Token ticker: TRG COIN ($TRG); Decimals: 9
Locked Liquidity for 1 Year No Team Tokens No Dev Wallet Tokens!!



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$TRG BSC TOKEN is a deflationary token offered by Trage-mă.ro, a road assistance & business development company.  $TRG TOKEN grants 4% rewards on transactions to its holders. We invite you to our telegram group, where we will announce the public launch.

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